Metropolitan home decoration,Cultivated JinCheng seventeen years。

One step at a time,With credibility、Quality、Environmental protection、Cost-effective services JinCheng owners!

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The solution
Metropolitan home decoration depth till tianjin market15Years,By the quality、Sincere service the vast number of owners。Dedicated to provide more high quality to all our clients、Cost-effective residential services。
Environmental security
Selection of environmental protection、Auxiliary materials。From the environmental protection,To the environmental protection。
To add items
The full name0Add item、Put an end to all kinds of malicious increase。
Authentic materials
To choose15A bigger line advocate material、8The auxiliary materials。Authentic materials,Protect your rights and interests。
Technology security
German standard technology of from the inside out,High quality,Fine decoration。
Successful cases
What you see is what you get!Metropolitan home decoration design and construction of a lot of cases,No worries you choose!
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Successful cases
A person can walk far,Depends on with whom counterparts,Metropolitan home decoration team is a team full of ideal and passion,Is a thriving and dynamic team,Is also a professional、The humanized management、The excellent team innovation and learning。
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Decorate a calculator The cumulative existing 1550 An owner for decorating a budget

You decorate a budgetYuan
  • Cost of raw materials:Yuan
  • Artificial cost:Yuan
  • Design fee:Yuan
  • The inspection fee:Yuan